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Syllabus and Structure

Food and nutrition course provides carring and dietisticinnovative leaders, practitioners and enterprenuer . Currently food industry is changing from taste to nutrition. In a highly competitive market , we work with the health sector to respond to the high expect ations of the consumer .To do so,they need highly qualifiedg qualified graduates to understand the interrelati on between food and nutrition the curriculum provides robust academic & experiential opportunities across health spectrum

BSC (NUTRITION) Course Syllabus PDF's can be collected from the official websites of the Osmania University. Apart from the syllabus that is offered by the university, we focus on the overall grooming of the student. We have included life skills training also as an important subject in their curriculum as it provides new ways of thinking and problem solving. Another important aspect of life skills training is that it helps in analyzing options, make decisions, and understand why they make certain choices outside the classroom.